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JIG Bulletins – Published 24Jan2020

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Date Name Description Date
Reason Withdrawn
Oct 2019  Bulletin 124 Operations  DEF Contamination in Jet Fuel  Public Still Live
Jun 2019  Bulletin 123 Operations  Operation of Closed-Circuit Samplers and Testing Terminology     Members Only Still Live
Jun 2019  Bulletin 122 Operations  EI/JIG 1530 2nd edition. This Bulletin supersedes Bulletins 68 and 79. If you require the Self-Assessment Tool or Change Log, please email  Members Only Still Live
May 2019  Bulletin 121 (superseded by Bulletin 129) Product Quality  Testing Water Separation Properties of Jet Fuel (Revised MSEP Protocol) - Superseded by Bulletin 129  Public 01 Jun 2020 Superseded by Bulletin 129
May 2019  Bulletin 120 Operations  Fuelling Hose Attachments  Members Only Still Live
Feb 2019  Bulletin 119 Operations  Eaton (Carter) Hydrant Pit Coupler - Serious Incident Bulletin 119 - Eaton (Carter) Hydrant Pit Coupler Serious Incident (1) The latest version of Adobe is required to open the Eaton Black Oxide Bulletin PDF within Bulletin 119, or you can click here to access it: Eaton Black Oxide Bulletin 2018  Public Still Live
Dec 2018  Bulletin 118 Product Quality  Use of test method ASTM D1319 / IP156 for evaluation of aromatics in Jet fuel Volume Percent  Public Still Live
Nov 2018  Bulletin 117 (superseded by Bulletin 125) Product Quality  Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS) Issue 30 - November 2018 (This Bulletin supersedes Bulletin 96) Please note: Bulletin 117 is superseded by Bulletin 125  Public Still Live This Bulletin supersedes Bulletin 96
Oct 2018  Bulletin 116 Operations  Parker Velcon threaded-base coalescers    Public Still Live
Sep 2018  Bulletin 115 Operations  Qualified EI 1584 Hydrant Pit Valves & Couplers  Members Only Still Live