10 Year Membership Recognition

JIG is recognising the achievement of six members as they reach the milestone of 10 years’ membership this year.

ASIG, CLH Aviation, ENOC, CNAF, PAJ and DLA have all been members and supported JIG for 10 years, during a period of change and advancement in the organisation and industry as a whole.

During a recent Member’s Technical Forum, four of those companies were presented with engraved awards by members of the JIG Council.¬† Representing the companies were:

Ibon Ibarrola – CLH
Murali Krishna – ENOC
Willie Brewster – ASIG
Ann Koury – DLA Energy

For those unable to attend the Members Technical Forum, Tony Conway – JIG’s General Manager – presented the following¬†awards at the recent IATA conference in Prague:

Takeo Tateishi – PAJ
Ming Li – CNAF

JIG would like to thank all six companies for their involvement and commitment to JIG and look forward to welcoming more members to the 10 year Hall of Fame!