2012 Survey feedback

A short while ago we conducted some feedback with our members, associate members and key groups in the industry. We’d like to tell you what you told us, highlight some of the main challenges or comments, and give you some idea how we are addressing them.

What JIG is good at:

✈ You think our technical knowledge and expertise is strong
✈ Our products and services are of great value
✈ We’re a leading authority in the industry
✈ JIG standards are the definitive standards
✈ Our committees are useful
✈ JIG inspections are well regarded
✈ JIG regional workshops are valuable


Our Opportunities to do better:

• Increase our profile
• Use our website and IT technology more professionally
• Understand and adapt to the different kinds of member
• Get the members more involved
• Clearer communication
• More events
• Be more inclusive and less prescriptive

We aim to address all of these in the near future but some take a little bit more time than others… so please be patient with us.

What’s next?

We are working with our committees to put together some detailed plans on how we are going to address the issues raised. Some we will move to change quickly because we see that it can work for all of us. Some we have to get right and may take some more time, as we don’t want to lose anything that you say is great about JIG.

We have updated the website and we think that it addresses many of your concerns, but we want to continue that process and make it even better. We need you to continue to feedback to us what might improve things even more. Please use the website feedback form then we can keep track of comments.

We will update the website as we progress.

Thank you for your support.