Budapest Workshop Update

Budapest 3.jpgLast week, JIG held two workshops in the wonderful city of Budapest.  The workshops, one for the European airport JV Managers and one for the JIG Inspectors, were structured in a way that would allow experts to present to both groups over the four days. There were over 100 attendees who came from mostly European locations and even the slight inconvenience of the Air France staff being on strike didn’t affect the logistics too much!

The agenda covered a number of topics of interest to the groups including an update on JIG issue 12 and the path forward for EI/JIG 1530, as well as excellent equipment and filtration updates. We also covered the JITS system for managing inspection reports, HSSE and managing audits as well as a look at a “dashboard” to help locations look at a summary of management information at a location.

The feedback from delegates was excellent and the issues raised will form part of the discussions on topics for the next workshop, which we hope to announce for February 2015.

All workshop presentations will shortly be available on the website where delegates that attended will be able to view them.

Budapest 1

Budapest 2