Dubai Workshop

JIG held another highly successful workshop, this time in Dubai in April. We had over 70 Delegates gathered in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai for 2 days. The subjects ranged from details on the updated JIG Standards to the latest thoughts on hoses and hydrants through to an overview of JIG and its visions for the future.
Our feedback from the participants was that it was highly valued and an overall feedback score of 4.13 out of 5 for all the subject areas across all the attendees was very strong indeed.
The presentations for the workshop are available to the attendees only on the JIG extranet.
Comments from the workshop will help us plan some of the future events….

“Excellent presenters with knowledge and enthusiasm about the topics
I highly appreciated the questions and answers interaction among all attendees
The good thing about this kind of workshop is we get to know each other face-to-face manner.
The Q&A is very interactive and informative
To conduct more training/workshops to enhance understanding and better compliance. Thank you”

“Very important to organize this kind of workshop. It has brought a lot of value to me and meet my expectation”

And some great feedback on where we can improve……

“It would be worthwhile if JIG workshop is more student-centred rather than
I suggest for the next workshop the participation (if possible) of some equipment manufacturers (Carter, Zenith…)

More time required for the technical issues and also some training for people new to JIG of requirements of JIG and JV management

More syndicate exercises – that helps to bring out more topics for discussion and further clarification on topics discussed”

The next Managers workshop is in London on the 24-26 September
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