JIG Airport Dashboard

JIG Airport Dashboard – monitoring compliance with JIG Standards and Common Processes

Member Volunteers needed to help with testing

We are excited to report that JIG Council has approved development of the JIG ‘Airport Dashboard’ which will be designed to make it easier for site managers and JIG Members to implement, monitor and provide assurance on compliance with JIG Standards and Common Processes. The JIG Airport Dashboard will summarise key JIG Standards and Common Process information into a single online report a ‘one stop shop’. Initially focused on JIG JV and tarbox locations, we see it having real value to all JIG members in the future for managing an ever increasing compliance landscape.

JIG recognises that stakeholders’ requirements for compliance have increased and are unlikely to diminish in the future. JIG also recognises that providing assurance on compliance with JIG Standards and Common Processes using conventional paper/spreadsheet systems is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming for many site managers. Providing site managers with a platform that would help them do this more efficiently and systematically would therefore be of great value to site managers and the JIG Members they serve.

The JIG Airport Dashboard project will be completed in phases:

  •  Phase 1 Common Processes (including HSSE Management System) – online completion of gap analysis, self-audits and action tracking (with the intention that the online Core Principles self-audit process will be available for this year’s Core Principles audit cycle)
  • Phase 2 will include an update of HSSE Statistics reporting and online JITS audit action tracking, JIG Variance Register tracking and JIG Bulletin action tracking

The JIG Airport Dashboard project will be managed by Paul Dubenski (Common Process Committee Chairman). Paul has asked me to find volunteer site managers, JV representatives and regional operations managers who would be willing to work with the project team during development and testing phase of the JIG Dashboard project so that it delivers the expected benefits for site managers and JIG Members. Volunteers will be asked to participate in reviewing/testing Phase 1 during August/September.

If you would like to participate in review and testing of this exciting project please provide contact details to jo.barlow@jigonline.com.