JIG Contratulates Dr. Anthony Kitson-Smith – IASH Award Winner


JIG congratulates Dr. Anthony Kitson-Smith, who was presented with the Nahum Por at this year’s IASH Awards dinner in Rome, by Matt Fielder – IASH Chair. The award is bestowed on a person who is widely recognised within the IASH Association, and within the field of fuel stability and handling, and for continuing IASH activities, as described:

The recipient shall have a history of upholding and promoting the purposes of the Association, of actively promoting the International Conferences for the exchange of ideas and information, and of fostering international good will and cooperation among those attending the Conferences.

The recipient shall have been active in research or other activities related to the stability or handling of liquid fuels, and shall have actively published in the open literature and in books and proceedings.

The recipient shall have been active in the affairs of the Association for a minimum of five years.

The award is named for the late Nahum Por who initiated the first Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1983. His initiative and incentive were instrumental in the formation of the Association in 1986.