JIG Dashboard Implementation Programme 2015

JIG Variance and Bulletin Registers are now live on your Dashboard

Dashboard Training Pack 3A Variance and Bulletin Registers (CP 9.10D) along with Dashboard Training Videos for Variance and Bulletin Registers (CP 9.20J and CP 9.20K) have now been issued and are available to download from the JIG web site (JIG web site home page Publications/Common Process area or enter the document number e.g. CP 9.10D in the jig web site search box).

JIG Dashboard Training Pack 3A is the fourth of a series of Training Packs (including guideline documents and mini-videos) that have been prepared to help you learn how to use and start getting the benefits from using your JIG Dashboard. Users are recommended to have already completed JIG Dashboard Training Pack 1, 2A and 2B (CP 9.10A, 9.10B and 9.10C) before completing Training Pack 3A.

Dashboard Training Pack 3A shows you how to:-

  1. Use the Variance Register to provide assurance that ‘live’ Variances Local Approval and Technical Reviews are up to date and mitigating and rectification actions are closed within the agreed Target Closure Date (JIG Bulletin 82 JIG Variance Approval Process)
  2. Use the Bulletin Register to provide assurance that relevant Bulletin Actions have been closed within the agreed Target Closure Date.

Complying with the JIG Variance Approval Process (Bulletin 82) and JIG Bulletin actions that amend the JIG Standards are requirements for operating to the JIG Standard. Following the JIG Variance Approval Process helps Operations mitigate risks that arise when an Operation is temporarily unable to comply with the JIG Standard. Closing out JIG Bulletin actions that update the JIG Standards is important to ensure the Operation is operating to the latest standards which JIG develops for its Members.

Having JIG Variances and Bulletin actions online should make it far easier for Site Managers and Directors/Management Committees to access the information they need to get assurance on compliance with the JIG Standards. Ensuring Operations appropriately close out relevant actions arising from Variances and Bulletins is an important aspect of systematic risk management for the Operation. Continuous improvement in risk management results in fewer things going wrong. This directly benefits employees, users, airline customers and 3rd parties that may be affected by the Operation’s activities.

I hope you find these time-saving new Dashboard features of immediate benefit to your Operation.

Tony Conway

General Manager
Joint Inspection Group