JIG Dashboard Phase 2A

JIG Dashboard Phase 2A is now LIVE

Dashboard Training Pack 2A (CP 9.10B) together with training videos and reference guides (**) are now available for you to download from www.jigonline.com and learn how to complete and use the new features on your Dashboard.

Completing Dashboard Training Pack 2A and updating your Dashboard is expected to take Site Managers less than 2 hours. Site Managers are recommended to complete Dashboard Training Pack 2A by end June 2015. Dashboard Training Pack 1 (CP 9.10A) should have been completed already.

Training Pack 2A will bring your Dashboard to life by showing your Operation’s up to date HSSE Statistics and status of JITS Recommendations (which are automatically updated daily from the JITS).

JIG Dashboard Phase 2A is a major step forward in JIG’s Dashboard Project to provide a platform that makes it easier and more effective for Site Managers, JV Representatives and their Board/Management Committee to get assurance on compliance with relevant JIG Standards and Common Processes.

Tony Conway
JIG General Manager


(**) JIG Dashboard Phase 2 Training Documents 


Dashboard Training Pack 2A (CP 9.10B v0 270515 JIG Dashboard Training Pack 2A) shows you how to:-

  1. Use the Operations screen to  ‘Opt In’ for relevant JIG Standards and Common Processes and CP Lead to set ‘Visibility’ for Operator and Throughputters
  2. Enter and interpret JIG Monthly HSSE Statistics
  3. View JIG Inspection Tracking System (JITS) Recommendations (currently only available to Operations that have their inspections entered into JITS)

Supporting Training Videos:-

  • CP 9.20C v0 150515 Dashboard Operation Set Up (Opting In and Visibility)
  • CP 9.20D  v0 150515 HSSE Monthly Data KPI and Incident Target Set Up, Data Entry and Interpretation
  • CP 9.20H  v0 250515 Viewing JITS Recommendations

Reference Guides:-

  • CP 9.30D v0 150515 Dashboard Guide Opting In Visibility and Monthly HSSE Data
  • CP 9.30E v0 200515 Dashboard Guide JIG Inspection Tracking System (JITS)