JIG MTF Success – Rome 2019

JIG saw the highest number of attendees yet, at the Members’ Technical Forum in Rome, and welcomed a range of presenters from across the industry. Topics included New Filtration Technologies, Managing Fuel Supply Shortages, Changing the Safety Culture, JIG Filtration Field Trials, Filter Water Sensors, Marine Transport of Aviation Fuels, Fuel Additive Dosing, Handling of Biofuels and more.

JIG wishes to thank the Presenters for sharing their knowledge and expertise, and extends a special thanks to Irina Dayneko (Gazprom-Neft), and Hiro Minami (Mainami) for travelling the long distance, to present on fuelling operations in Russia and Japan.



For further information on JIG Member Technical Forums, please contact andrea.wixey@jigonline.com