JIG Online Dashboard Project

As the initiating phase of the JIG Online Dashboard Project, the JIG Online Extranet site has been given extra functionality to make it easier for users to navigate and search for the operations within their security profile.

On the home screen, the Joint Ventures tab has been renamed Dashboard, and contains the HSSE data for your selected operations.

A new horizontal ribbon to help navigation has been created, with three options:

  • Operations Managed.  For Site Managers and others with management responsibility for an operation. Shows all Operations in the manager’s registered profile. Pressing the Edit button shows the basic management data of that Operation.
  • All Operations. Shows all operations the user has access to see (as Operator, Participant or Throughputter). Can be used to Search by an operation by name, or to Filter operations by Region, Country or Operation within a country. Reset will clear the selections.
  • My Operations. Allows you to save a Profile of multiple Operations that you want to appear in your “My Operation” Dashboard view (e.g. a regional operations manager can select all the Operations they are responsible for in their region). Press the Edit button to set up or amend the Profile and save so it will appear next time you log on.

The right-hand column (“Showing XX of YYY” below) – the “YYY” number shows how many Operations you have access to view and the “XX” shows how many Operations you have selected to be summarised in your current Dashboard view. If there are more than 6 Operations a scroll bar appears to allow you to scroll through your list of Operations. View shows management data of the Operation.

The HSSE data has been presented in an easier-to-see Dashboard view. Click on the coloured numbers to see more detail by Complete, Outstanding or Overdue. Press Click Here to see data by Operation.


The new ribbon will help navigation for future stages of the Dashboard development – the next release will include the JIG Standards and Common Process Dashboard and audits. More info later.

The JIG Online Dashboard Project team would like a number of site managers to help with reviewing  the Dashboard during its development and testing so that the final design makes it easy and efficient for site managers to use the Dashboard to get assurance on compliance with JIG Standards and Common Processes. If you would like to volunteer to participate in review and testing please contact Jo Barlow  jo.barlow@jigonline.com .