JIG South America and Carribean Workshop

As part of the JIG Workshop Committee’s continuing vision to make JIG and its best practices more widely available to its membership and beyond, JIG held a workshop in Orlando  12-14th March

We had managed the timing of the event to coincide with the NISTM conference, who made us all welcome and encouraged us to join their work and networking sessions.

We had over 30 attendees at the workshop with presenters from the major oil companies, the Energy Institute and A4A. The presentations covered many areas where we knew there would be interest from the area, and the level of participation was excellent.

Feedback from the participants suggested that:
The workshop was excellent and good value
The location allowed many to join from South American and the Carribean locations
The presentations covered the right areas.

Some opportunities for improvement for JIG were to consider the fact that many attendees did not have English as a first language and could they have , in future, copies of presentations in advance, and to have more, shorter  presentations which are easier to follow.

The next Workshop is in Dubai on the 22-24 April.  It has over 70 people attending and we have had to set up a waiting list!!