JIG Training Completed – Dublin

Last week JIG provided training for candidates wishing to be qualified as a JIG Inspector. The week-long course is very intensive and high-level. Attendees need to have a thorough knowledge of fuelling operations and the JIG Standards as well as skills in identifying variances, to help airport operations on a path of continuous improvement.

We expect a further 5-8 Inspectors to complete their JIG Training and be fully qualified by 2019, thus further strengthening the “Inspected to JIG Standards (IJS)” Compliance Programme that is offered to JIG Members.

We are grateful to CLH Aviation Ireland and the local Into-Plane Operators for hosting our training sessions and for giving us access to the newly commissioned Dublin Hydrant System and Fuel Farm, as well as refuelling operations on the apron.

For further information on JIG Training or Membership, please contact andrea.wixey@jigonline.com