Microbial Testing Webinar

On 9th June, JIG, IATA and A4A will be hosting a free webinar on Jet Fuel Microbial Testing, in recognition of the fact that as a result of the Covid-19 crisis there will be increased microbial testing activity conducted at locations that do not regularly carry out such tests. The webinar is aimed at those responsible for aircraft fuel sampling and testing, fuel ground handlers and those interested in the proper use of microbial test kits, and the agenda will cover the following:

- Fundamentals of Microbial Growth

- Basic Principles of Proper Sampling for Microbial Contamination

- How-to, and Q&A of each of the following IATA recommended test kits:

• HY-LiTE® Jet A1 Fuel Test

• Easicult TTC / Easicult M

• MicrobMonitor2


To register, please see the attached invitation: JetFuelMicrobialTestingWebinar-Invitation