NEW Filtration Working Group (FWG) & Field Trial Tests

Bulletin 105 outlined the challenges facing the industry in finding a replacement filtration technology for filter monitors by the end of 2020. Discussion on standardising future testing of new filtration products with JIG participation and contribution is currently being held.

JIG intends to work with its members on a field trial program, to bring new and viable filtration/sensing technologies covered by EI specifications into service. Options for the development of other technologies are being discussed at industry level, within the Aviation Fuel Filtration Committee (AFFC) of the Energy Institute, with JIG participation and contribution.

This notification is intended to inform our members of JIG’s plans, and to request JIG members’ participation and contribution.

Filtration Working Group

JIG intends to form a new Filtration Working Group (FWG) whose main objectives are to:

•              Co-ordinate JIG’s input into the combined industry action required to replace filter monitors

•              Facilitate field trials of new filter technologies at locations operated by, or on-behalf of JIG members

•              Develop Bulletins and data required to inform JIG members of the industry progress towards replacing filter monitors, to enable members to make informed choices

The FWG is likely to be convened for 4-5 years until new technology is adopted into the Standards and embedded in operations, with joint oversight by the JIG Operations Commitee and JIG Product Quality Committee, and will include people from the wider JIG membership.

Note:   Members who wish to nominate a competent participant for the FWG, please contact for further details, including participant criteria.

New Filtration / Sensor Technology Field Trial

JIG is developing a field trial program to assess the performance of filtration/sensing technology that is being considered as alternatives to filter monitors. This requires the participation of operating facilities to evaluate the effectiveness and robustness of these technologies in practice.

Note: Member organisations who are willing to participate in these field trials are asked to contact to express their initial interest.

If you wish to send nominations for the FWG or if you wish to raise an interest for the Field Trials, please do so by 30th May latest.